Eccles to Salford Replacement Piping System



Westwood Pipelines were contracted to replace an existing 4km 200mm Cast Iron Sludge main. The project involved Balfour Beatty as the main designer and O’Conner Utilities as the installer alongside our team.


The challenge was to decommission the existing main which was located near the river, as well as industrial and residential buildings. The area was steeped in contaminated ground and Westwood needed to protect the internal medium with multiple installation techniques, including the use of open cut and directional drilling.

Our main solution was to use a PE Barrier Pipe, 250mm SLA Barrier Pipe with black external skin and brown stripes during the installation. As such, the pipes that were used throughout can be viewed below:

  • 4km 250mm SDR11 PE100 BLACK SLA Barrier Pipe
  • Black internal PE100 Bonded Aluminium Layer
  • Black PE100 External Skin c/w Brown Stripes
  • All produced in accordance to WIS 4-32-19.

The project was completed successfully in 2013.


  • Date September 19, 2016
  • Tags Case Studies